The Red Sneakers

Reggie Reynolds (Dempsey Pappion) is the hard-working manager of his school basketball team. The problem is, he wants to be a superstar! But how can you be an NBA prospect when you can’t play ball? When the neighborhood junkman (Gregory Hines) sells a magical pair of old sneakers to Reggie, he becomes the victorious, buzzer-beating, high-flying underdog who leads his team to the finals! But as scouts rush in to offer Reggie the golden future he’s dreamed of, a shady sport shoe manufacturer (Vincent D’Onofrio) plots to bench Reggie and his dreams of glory for good! Will evil triumph? Or will heart, hero and magic prevail?

Gregory Hines garnered two Emmy nominations (Best Actor, Best Director).

Gregory Hines and Dempsey Pappion