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As woodchucks Zal and May stand on a grassy knoll with their three children--Vera, Chook and Dave--the father tells the furry youngsters why they have come to this spot in the Cat Skull mountains. Exactly 25 years before, Zal and May traveled (via their friend’s VW van, covered with painted flowers) to the Woodchuck Festival, where thousands of woodchucks, squirrels, prairie dogs and beavers gathered to celebrate “paws and love,” and to listen to the music of Jimi Hendrake, Jerry Garseagull and Joe Cockatoo. Buller (coauthor of Railroad Toad and No Tooth, No Quarter! ) gives Saltzman’s clever sendup a big boost with his riotous, revisionist depiction of the Woodstock scene--complete with tents, tie-dyed shirts, right-on signs (“Remember Bambi’s Mother!”; “Chicken Little Was Right”) and totally mellow animal faces. Yesterday’s kids will be best able to appreciate songwriter and debut author Saltzman’s period-based wordplay and allusions to ’60s lyrics (Zal gets some Norwegian wood for his birthday; May--then called Macra-May--tells him, “I am you as you are me and we are furry woodchucks--all together”). All ages.

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