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Teleplay by Mark Saltzman


Television's First Gay Detective On America's First Gay Television Network - Chad Allen stars as gay detective Donald Strachey in this gritty series of crime stories based on the popular novels by author Richard Stevenson. In "Third Man Out"Strachey is commissioned to protect gay activist John Rutka known for "outing" prominent citizens. Strachey abandons bodyguard duty when he feels that Rutka is staging the threats against him. When Rutka turns up dead Strachey is faced with an extensive list of enemies all with enough motive to kill.

Notes From A Blonde
The Advocate - November 8, 2005
by Bruce Vilanch

All these new networks are starting to fulfill the "what if" fantasy so many of us have been carrying around for years. What if there were a gay James Bond, a gay MacGuyver? As readers of this magazine know, Here has already come up with a gay noir detective, played impeccably by Chad Allen in "Third Man Out." There have, of course, been hundreds of noir novels written with gay private eyes—John Morgan Wilson's excellent Ben Justice stories spring to mind- but this first cinematic representation is a doozy. Allen plays not a strapping action hero but a conflicted, alternately hard-boiled and softhearted, partnered gay man. "Third Man Out" is so good, it invites a whole new form of speculation. Now that we've delivered a gay mystery with prime-time production values, it could be time for a TV franchise where the private eye is gay but the world in which he solves his cases is straight. Like many of us, he is visible, proud, and living in a world outside the cloisters of gay life. His sexuality would come into play no more and no less than any straight detective's. A series like that might even have a chance of showing up on a network where they try to sell trucks every eight minutes. Third Man Out

"Third Man Out: A Donald Strachey Mystery"
Hollywood Reporter - September 2, 2005
by Marilyn Moss

Gay television network Here! comes up with this very clever, entertaining teleflick, "Third Man Out: A Donald Strachey Mystery," based on a series of books by Richard Stevenson about a gay detective. There are to be more in the series, and if they're as much fun as "Third", there's hardly a reason to miss any of them.

Chad Allen stars as gay detective Donald Strachey, who, in this installment, is out to protect a gay activist who is being threatened for "outing" prominent citizens in and around Albany, N.Y. It's no surprise when Strachey's client turns up dead, but it's a plot trigger for some great fun to come.

Allen is terrific as the detective, a down-and-outer (as all good detectives must be) if ever there was one. He's reminiscent of great '60s and '70s television detectives, except that he's more down and out and travels in a gay world that has its own great atmosphere in the movie. Director Ron Oliver and writer Mark Saltzman make this episode thrilling and sophisticated, but it's Allen who makes the character and story stick.

Third Man OutThird Man Out

Here! 'Out' With New Series
Hollywood Reporter - January 13, 2005

Here! said Wednesday that it has greenlighted a new original series titled "Third Man Out." Chad Allen has signed on to star in the series bound for the premium TV network targeted to gay and lesbian audiences. Here! founder and CEO Paul Colichman made the announcement during the network's portion of the Television Critics Assn. winter press tour.

The series, based on the books by Richard Stevenson, centers on a gay detective (Allen, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman") who delves into the world of corruption, making enemies as he sets about solving crimes. "Third Man Out," set to premiere in the summer, is directed by Ron Oliver and was written by Emmy-winning writer Mark Saltzman.

Deep Inside Hollywood: Chad Allen Five-O
by Romeo San Vicente

"Starsky & Hutch" may have been unintentionally and entertainingly homoerotic, but there's never been a genuinely queer detective who's also the lead character on a crime drama.

Until now, that is. Openly gay actor Chad Allen ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman") has just signed on to star in the here! TV original series "Third Man Out." Based on a popular series of books by Richard Stevenson, the show will be directed by Ron Oliver ("Queer as Folk") and written by Emmy-winning writer Mark Saltzman.

Allen will play tough-guy detective Donald Strachey, a man who moves through the hard-boiled crime world with ease, taking care of himself, rooting out corruption, busting the bad guys, and, oh yes, making out with guys at the same time. Well, at least between arrests.

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